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The Bloomington Animal Shelter in Bloomington, Indiana

Looking to adopt or foster a new pet? An addition to your family is a big decision, and the Animal Shelter in Bloomington, Indiana can help you every step of the way. Located at 3410 S. Walnut Street, the shelter is the temporary home to many stray and unwanted animals. Their mission is to work for the welfare and compassionate treatment of animals through education and outreach programs.

The Bloomington Animal Shelter maintains a pet adoption program, as well as a pet fostering program. Since there are many times more animals than the shelter can handle, “foster parents” shelter an animal or animals in their homes. This is on a temporary basis, so if you want a permanent pet, you need to enter the pet adoption program. In order to adopt a pet from the shelter, you need only to fill out an application. The application includes questions about where the pet will be kept (indoors or out), how many hours out of the day that you will be home with the pet, how much exercise you can provide it with, and if you have children or other pets in the home. It may take up to 24 hours for an approval. At that time, you can take your new pet home (after paying the $50 adoption fee). All pets in the shelter are spayed or neutered and many come with an identification microchip embedded beneath their skin.

The Bloomington Animal Shelter provides many other services besides pet adoption. They aid in connecting lost companion animals with their homes, enforce animal control ordinances, and investigate animal cruelty and neglect. They provide a 24-hour emergency rescue for injured animals and produce a weekly television program, Pets Without Partners, that offers education on caring for your pet and information on pet behavior.

The animal shelter also works with the community to educate about animal care, offering guided tours of the shelter as well as free literature. They work closely with other organizations in Monroe County, such as the Human Association, Pets Alive and Wild Care.

The Bloomington Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization, and appreciates volunteer efforts of the community. In order to volunteer at the shelter, you must be 16-years-old or older (ages 13-15 can volunteer, but must be accompanied by a parent), attend a volunteer orientation session, and be available to volunteer at least once per week for six months. To fill out an application or for more information, contact 812-349-3872.