Hope rules the house!

My wife Abby and I began our search for a dog nearly two years ago.  We had each always wanted a dog and we spent months trying to compromise on a breed.  Finally, we made a deal; we wouldn’t worry about breed, but would rather look through the shelter listings and find a new family member we could both agree on.  After a very short search, we found our perfect new best friend, Hope, through petfinder.com.

Hope was a 3-5 year old cocker spaniel mix that had been dumped on the side of the road after what is thought to have been a life of breeding.  She was found with another cocker mix that had already been adopted and she was only a short drive from our home town.

One visit was all it took.  She immediately greeted us with as many kisses as we could handled and promptly took off running down the street when we attempted to go into the foster home with her.  We coaxed her back and took her for a short walk through the town.  We were sold.  Our family?  Not so much.  We decided to part ways with Hope to think things through and make sure we were ready for such a big commitment.  One week, a new house and several in-depth conversations later and we were back to Field of Dreams Rescue and Hope had a forever home!

It didn’t take long for her to get settled in, and as you can see from her photo, she now rules our house.  She is a bit of a prima donna and has been described as a bit on the fluffy side, but you would be too if you spent the majority of your life in a pen breeding!  We love her to death and absolutely thought we couldn’t be happier.

And then came Buddy.  My lovely wife, being the animal lover she is, was purusing the shelter listings for our home town, as well as the area we grew up in.  Low and behold, she came across Buddy, a 2-4 year old cocker spaniel that had recently been dropped off by his owners after spending his life outside in a kennel.  They just didn’t have enough time to take care of him anymore.

As fate would have it, we were headed back that way to visit family and my wife decided (quite sneakily I might add) to stop off at P.A.W.S. and have a look.  A word of advice for anyone considering, but still unsure about adopting a new pet – don’t visit until you are ready to commit.  She is a sucker (who am I kidding, so am I) and Buddy is a cutie.  Although he hadn’t had a hair cut in his short existence and desperately needed a bath, my wife was sold.  Two days later, I was coaxed into visiting a dog I thought we had no business adding to our already full household.

It took all of 3 minutes for me to change my mind (reminder, don’t visit until you are ready – they are too cute to not feel sorry for them!).  We brought along Hope, but left her in the car so as to not scare her to death with the smell of another animal shelter.  After a few minutes of loving on Buddy, we decided to introduce the two of them outside and see how they fared.  Knowing Hope’s inkling to run the show, we thought they might not get along.  Much to our surprise, they basically ignored each other.

We parted ways with Buddy after our visit to once again ponder the decision.  We thought on it for a week and then came back with a check (word of advice to anyone considering a new pet – purchased or adopted – adopting is only a fraction of the cost to buy and almost always includes spay or neuter fees) and a smile, only to find out that Buddy had been diagnosed with heartworm and would need to stay at the shelter until he could get treatment.


Buddy’s Happy he has a Forever Home!

After plenty of coaxing, we convinced the shelter to let him come home with us under the condition that he would be in a low stress environment (how could it be more stressful than a shelter?) and we would bring him to their vet for the treatment (a several hundred dollar procedure performed free of charge).  We agreed and promptly got the ol’ boy a haircut and some new digs.

The most gut-wrenching part was taking him back for an overnight vet stay, complete with chemo-like treatment in which Buddy received small doses of poison to kill the worms (more information on heartworms and treatment here) he had gotten from a mosquito bite while being kept in his outdoor kennel.  He wasn’t up for much after the treatment, but before too long he was back his usual self and , as you can see, is doing quite well.

Buddy and Hope are just our two success stories.  There are thousands more.  We would love to hear yours.  If you’d like to share, please send us and email at contact@dogadoptionhq.com.  We’d love to hear your story and, of course, would love a picture to show off!

P.S. In case you were curious, Hope and Buddy are now best friends.  It took all of a couple weeks for Hope to decide this young blood wasn’t going anywhere, but that mom and dad still loved her just as much as before.  They do everything together now, especially eat (both could easily win any eating contest put before them) and walk.  Hope still rules the house, but Buddy is her right-hand man!