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Small Dog Apparel

Small dog apparel is all about the detail. Like anything made in miniature, the more accurate the details, the more remarkable the finished product. Small dog clothing lets the beauty of detailed workmanship shine through.

When purchasing clothing for small dog, there are several things you want to look for. You want the proportions of the garment to be correct. Small dogs are shaped very differently than larger dogs, and the patterns used to create their clothing should reflect this.


Picking Out Small Dog Apparel

Small dogs generally are more grooming-intensive, as evidenced by the Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier; as a result, their small dog apparel will need to show off their beautiful and well-tended coats. Small dogs look magnificent in styles that do not cover the legs. Sleeveless sweaters work well for small dogs, as do jumpers with adjustable straps.

Small dogs such as Shih-Tzus and Pekinese are difficult to dress because of their long coats. When choosing what to stock for these breeds, accessories are your best bet. Exotic ribbons, hair jewels, collars, and leashes are the best way to splurge for these dogs.