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Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler training is one of the best ways you can prevent dog behavior problems as the dog matures. The Rottweiler breed has a reputation for aggression and destructive behavior, which are avoided with training and socialization. Unfortunately, many irresponsible dog owners fail to take these precautions–dogs are often abandoned or given up to shelters after acting out.

Rottweiler Training Tips
No age is too old to begin dog obedience training, but early training proves most effective. When you begin Rottweiler training, it may be especially helpful to enroll in a dog obedience class. Classes build a strong foundation for home training, teaching you methods that professional dog handlers use. Once you learn some basic techniques, continuing training at home is a snap.

You should complete Rottweiler training in short sessions, so not to become tedious for you or your dog. After finishing obedience class, the home is the best place to continue training, where there are fewer distractions, plus a more familiar environment. Practicing commands throughout the day during normal activities is quite effective.

After your Rottweiler masters several commands in the home, take your pal to other environments for training sessions. Have friends come over as distractions for your dog to practice commands like “sit” and “stay,” even when company is over. Purposely introduced distractions helps dogs stay focused in any situation in the future.