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How Do You Bond with a Pekingese Dog?

If your idea of the perfect dog is one that sits at your feet or in your lap waiting to jump at your command then the Pekingese is not for you. Pekingese will be obedient once they get used to you and their new home.

When the Pekingese originated their only function was to carry the robes of the Chinese Imperial Court. Only if you were royalty could you own a Pekingese.

That is probably one of the reasons Pekingese think they are a little bit better than anyone or anything else. They are used to being treated that way so they pay no attention to how it looks. If you wanted a dog with a whimsical personality and independence then a Pekingese is perfect for you. Pekingese bond with cats very well so do not worry if you own a cat.

A great way to bond with your Pekingese is of course to spend time with it. Taking your Pekingese for daily walks is a great way to bond and get exercise. It will benefit you both in health and in heart.

Grooming your Pekingese is another great way of bonding. You want to brush their coats everyday to keep them mat free. While doing this talk to your Pekingese and praise them to show your appreciation for them.

Training your Pekingese will help bond you both. You must be patient and consistent as they will more than likely not catch on quickly. Never scold them and give them praise when they do good or right. Maybe offer a treat every time to show them how much you do love them.

Remember to play with your Pekingese. They love to play and romp around and who better to do it with? Buy them some toys or use something old that you have around the house. No use spending money a Wobble Wag Giggle ball toy that will get torn up if you don’t have to. Get them a ball and let them chase it.

Use your own judgment on what your Pekingese likes and dislikes are. Almost everything you do that includes your dog is considered bonding. Consider this when you go check the mail or go on that daily walk of yours.

There are no wrong ways to bond with your Pekingese. Anything you can do to show great love and affection for your Pekingese is enough. If you do not have as much time to bond with your Pekingese, consider purchasing another Pekingese. They can bond together and you can have two adorable Pekingese puppies to enjoy!