We all have our own preferences, but who doesn’t like a little input from people with experience.  Here we have some personal favorites that we have used and liked.  Items vary significantly and we try to include a little blurb about why it is we liked them or what worked for us.  If you have any you’d like to share, please leave a comment or send us an e-mail at contact@dogadoptionhq.com and we’ll include you on the site!

Dog Treats

One of the things my wife and I have started trying are these Mini Naturals Dog Treats from Zuke’s. We really like them because they are chicken flavor, which our puppies love, but they are minis. If you check out our testimonials page you will see that our 5(ish) year old cocker spaniel mix is build more like a baby black bear. So, we have been working hard to cut down her treat intake and keep her in good (OK decent) shape. The small size and taste they like has been a nice combination.

Dog Food

Our eldest dog, Hope, has struggled with weight loss since the day we picked her up from her foster home.  To help combat the issue without starving her to death, we’ve been feeding her Hill’s Science Diet.  She prefers the small bites (I think she just thinks she’s getting more!), but it comes in standard size as well.  When we first started her on the diet food, she wasn’t excited about it and would actually boycott for 15 minutes or so (definitely not her style!) before she would cave and scarf it down just like normal.  To ease her into it without feeling like she hated us, we mixed it with her sensitive stomach food for a few weeks.  Now she is all diet all the time and has lost almost four pounds (she has a little work to do to get in to that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini before summer!) in the last two months.  We highly recommend the diet food in combination with the Mini-Naturals treats listed above if you have a pooch with a waist-line.  It also comes in larger bags if you are looking to stock up!

Our other pooch, Buddy, is said to be in perfect shape (much to the chagrin of his older sissy) by the vet.  To help keep him that way, we feed him Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance.  This particular blend has chicken and brown rice.  He loves the taste and has maintained a great weight.  Hopefully we can get his big sister on this after she gets all fit and trim!  Just like all the other Science Diet blends, this one comes in larger bags as well.


We have an entire page dedicated to tips and tricks to train your new pup, but below are a few of our favorite products to help teach your dog to be a proper member of the family.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to adopt two dogs that were wonderfully trained to only potty outside long before they found a forever home with us.  My parents were quite as fortunate.  They bought a purebread from a breeder as a puppy so they got to spend countless hours teaching their pup not to go in the house and a few more hours cleaning up after the mistakes.  One of their recommendations (after several trial and errors!) to help speed up the process the next time was the use of housetraining pads.  The ones shown above, the Housebreaking Pads, are the ones they specifically recommended, but there are numerous different brands out there.  Find the ones that are right for you!