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Dog Lover's Wine Club: Purchases Benefit Animal Shelters

With the wide range of wine clubs available, is it any surprise that there is a Dog Lover’s Wine Club?

Wine is often chosen for holiday celebrations, including Christmas parties, New Year’s toasts, and for gift giving, but when your purchase also benefits animal shelters, it’s an even better reason to find out more about the Dog Lover’s Wine Club.

Health Benefits of Wine

Information from the Mayo Clinic website states that, according to studies involving mice, antioxidants found in wine can increase levels of “good” cholesterol and protect arteries from becoming clogged with fatty deposits. Other research suggests that a substance in wine called resveratrol may reduce the risk of inflammation and blood clots, as well as obesity and diabetes. Various amounts of resveratrol can be found in foods other than grapes, such as blueberries, cranberries and even peanuts.


Health Risks of Wine

Although wine may have some health benefits, alcohol in wine is addictive and can affect the body in many adverse ways. According to the Mayo Clinic, it increases the risk of accidents, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, weakened heart muscle, liver damage, obesity, certain types of cancer, and other problems. Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy. People with health issues or taking medications, including daily aspirin, are advised to consult with their doctor about the risks and benefits of alcohol concerning their individual case.

Dog Lover’s Wine Club Helps Animal Shelters

Wine for the Dog Lover’s Wine Club comes from a small Pinot Noir vineyard near Lompoc, California and comes with dog labels and stories about dogs. Members of the Dog Lover’s Wine Club can choose from the Sit, Sip, and Stay Monthly, the Chase Your Tail Bimonthly, the Fetch a Bottle Quarterly, or the Vicktory Dogs Wine Club.

Members enjoy discounts on wine and pet accessories along with the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of each wine club billing supports affiliate shelters. When placing an order, members can choose from the Bark Partners Listing which shelter they would like to support, however, sales percentages of the Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection go exclusively to Best Friends Animal Society where most of the Michael Vick dogs were rehabilitated. These funds are used for work towards strengthening laws and penalties against dog fighting. Choose from such labels as Little Red, Oscar, Bonito, Curly, and other Vick dogs.

Many people enjoy an occasional glass of wine or wine punch. Wine is often a part of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holiday celebrations or given as gifts. Dog lovers can enjoy theirs knowing their purchases are also helping shelter dogs.

Please note that not all states allow wine to be shipped to your door so check your state’s laws before ordering.