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Sport Dog Trainers

There is a wide variety of sport dog trainers available today, and choosing the best product depends on its intended use. Are you hunting upland game, such as pheasants, grouse or quail? Do you want to train your retriever to help you hunt geese, ducks and other waterfowl? Or will you be doing woodland hunting, for rabbit, raccoons and other forest creatures?


Sport Dog Trainers, Launchers, Backers and Trackers

The basic training device for all sport dogs is a electronic collar. This device corrects your dog’s unwanted behaviors with a sonic tone or an electric shock. If used for retrievers, be certain the collar you have chosen is completely waterproof, and if you are running more than one dog, choose a system that allows you to program separate tones.

Beepers and trackers are sport dog trainers used primarily for woodland hunting, where your dog ranges further than a retriever, and are intended not to influence the dog’s behavior but to help you keep track of his location and actions. As opposed to the two or three hundred yard range on retriever collars, these can have a range as great as seven miles. Some trackers have a tree feature, which lets you know when your dog is looking straight up. A backlit display is very useful for night hunting.

Launchers are sport dog trainers for bird dogs, and are intended to simulate the flush of wild birds. Be sure the system you buy will launch the birds high enough so your dog can’t catch them. And finally, a backer is basically a pop-up cutout of a dog on point. Its purpose is to teach bird dogs to honor another dog’s point.…

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How Do You Bond with a Pekingese Dog?

If your idea of the perfect dog is one that sits at your feet or in your lap waiting to jump at your command then the Pekingese is not for you. Pekingese will be obedient once they get used to you and their new home.

When the Pekingese originated their only function was to carry the robes of the Chinese Imperial Court. Only if you were royalty could you own a Pekingese.

That is probably one of the reasons Pekingese think they are a little bit better than anyone or anything else. They are used to being treated that way so they pay no attention to how it looks. If you wanted a dog with a whimsical personality and independence then a Pekingese is perfect for you. Pekingese bond with cats very well so do not worry if you own a cat.

A great way to bond with your Pekingese is of course to spend time with it. Taking your Pekingese for daily walks is a great way to bond and get exercise. It will benefit you both in health and in heart.

Grooming your Pekingese is another great way of bonding. You want to brush their coats everyday to keep them mat free. While doing this talk to your Pekingese and praise them to show your appreciation for them.

Training your Pekingese will help bond you both. You must be patient and consistent as they will more than likely not catch on quickly. Never scold them and give them praise when they do good or right. Maybe offer a treat every time to show them how much you do love them.

Remember to play with your Pekingese. They love to play and romp around and who better to do it with? Buy them some toys or use something old that you have around the house. No use spending money a Wobble Wag Giggle ball toy that will get torn up if you don’t have to. Get them a ball and let them chase it.

Use your own judgment on what your Pekingese likes and dislikes are. Almost everything you do that includes your dog is considered bonding. Consider this when you go check the mail or go on that daily walk of yours.

There are no wrong ways to bond with your Pekingese. Anything you can do to show great love and affection for your Pekingese is enough. If you do not have as much time to bond with your Pekingese, consider purchasing another Pekingese. They can bond together and you can have two adorable Pekingese puppies to enjoy!

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St Louis Dog Bite Lawyer

One of the more common causes of action in a personal injury suit is animal attack. These days, with so many people keeping aggressive breeds such as pit bulls and Dobermans as pets and guard dogs, dog bite injuries are becoming a very serious problem. News stories abound regarding people who have been injured, maimed and even killed by a domesticated dog.

The problem is increasing to extraordinary proportions. Almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. Hospital emergency rooms treat a thousand dog bite victims every day. More than half of these victims are children who have been bitten by dogs belonging to their own family, a neighbor or a friend. In one study, dog attacks rose by 33 percent over a ten-year period, while dog ownership increased by only 2 percent for the same period.

The “One-Bite Rule”

In Missouri, the “one-bite rule” applies. This means that dog owners can not be prosecuted the first time their animal bites someone, unless they have been negligent, reckless or deliberate in the actions that led to the attack. Once a dog has bitten someone, it is considered to have a dangerous propensity, and any attacks after that will be subject to strict liability.

Assessing negligence and liability can be complex. Animal attacks are covered by layers of city, county and state laws. Searching the Internet can help you find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases and has experience helping dog bite victims.…

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A Great Safe Dog Park for You and Your Dogs in Southern California

If you’re like me you would agree that it’s nice every once in a while to let your dog off leash and run and play. Of course it’s not always safe and it’s usually not legal. However, there is a great dog park located in the city of Orange that allows you to do just that. Orange is a nice community nestled in the heart of southern California. It is located at Yorba Park at 190 South Yorba near the 55 freeway and Chapman Avenue.

This is a great location to take your dogs. It’s well maintained, kept very clean and is a safe environment to take your dogs off the 10 Foot Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Leash. The dog park is separated into two sections, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. It is open from 7 :00 a.m. until dusk everyday except Wednesdays when they close for maintenance and there is no charge. They do accept donations to help keep the park running if you would like to help.

I have two Basset Hounds and have taken them there several times and they love it! I happen to live in a small town home and have a very small backyard so my dogs don’t have a lot of room to run and play. I was telling my veterinarian one day that I was worried that my dogs weren’t getting the proper exercise that they needed and she was the one who recommended the dog park to me. The dog park is perfect because it gives them the opportunity to run off leash and get the exercise that they need. It’s also fun for me because I get to play with other people’s dogs as well.

There are water bowls and plenty of toys that people have donated for the dogs to use when they are there. There are also disposal bags and trash bins available so you can clean up after your dog to help keep the park clean. The small dog side is usually full of toy size dogs and puppies whereas the larger dog side has everything from my Basset Hounds to St. Bernards. There is a large variety of dogs that go so its fun to be in that environment. The weekends are really exciting because there are a lot more people and dogs there to spend time with. So the next time your looking for a fun and safe place to take your dogs remember the dog park in Orange. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Small Dog Apparel

Small dog apparel is all about the detail. Like anything made in miniature, the more accurate the details, the more remarkable the finished product. Small dog clothing lets the beauty of detailed workmanship shine through.

When purchasing clothing for small dog, there are several things you want to look for. You want the proportions of the garment to be correct. Small dogs are shaped very differently than larger dogs, and the patterns used to create their clothing should reflect this.


Picking Out Small Dog Apparel

Small dogs generally are more grooming-intensive, as evidenced by the Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier; as a result, their small dog apparel will need to show off their beautiful and well-tended coats. Small dogs look magnificent in styles that do not cover the legs. Sleeveless sweaters work well for small dogs, as do jumpers with adjustable straps.

Small dogs such as Shih-Tzus and Pekinese are difficult to dress because of their long coats. When choosing what to stock for these breeds, accessories are your best bet. Exotic ribbons, hair jewels, collars, and leashes are the best way to splurge for these dogs.…

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How To Choose A Dog

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There are many factors to consider as you prepare to choose a dog. Are you ready for the responsibility and can you provide a healthy and safe environment for your new pet? If you are not the only member of the household, what kind of dog would be a good fit? If you have a child with allergies, you might want to be looking for a breed that produces less dander, such as a Maltese or a poodle. You should also consider a breed whose personality integrates well with small children.

Size matters. If you live in a small apartment, a big breed might be too much to handle. If you don’t want to commit to walking a dog, consider a teacup-sized dog that can be trained to do his stuff on a pad. These tiny companions are also easy to travel with, even on airplanes. Be wary of working dog breeds if you cannot provide enough exercise and stimulation. They will get bored and demand more attention than you can afford. Consider energy level as well as size. Do you want a dog who can be easily trained to play frizbee in the park, or go for a run with you through the woods? Or do you want a more sedate canine, such as a basset hound, English bulldog or Yorkshire Terrier, who can get their exercise while playing indoors?

All dogs need a certain amount of maintenance, some more than others. Long hair dogs require more grooming, bathing and brushing. Big dogs are more expensive to feed. There are vet bills to consider as well, including yearly shots to protect against rabies and other diseases. There are pure-bred dogs and mixed-breed dogs, all with different personalities and charms. What kind of dog companion can you imagine yourself happily co-habitating with?

Next there is a question of where to look for your canine friend. It is advisable not to buy one from a pet store, as they tend to ignore how the dogs are bred, and often breeders who supply dogs to stores, have a “puppy mill” mentality, which should not be supported. If you are searching for a pure-bred, go directly to a breeder. You can research breeders online, hopefully close enough to home so you can go and visit the dogs and see what kind of environment they come from. Going to the American Kennel Club’s website,, you can begin your search. Referrals from vets or other pet owners are also valuable.

There are also so many animal shelters with dogs who need good homes. Although you are taking a slight risk, not knowing the precise history of a particular dog, most good shelters are going to make sure you are getting a loving pet. Rescue groups also abound, and there are even organizations that specialize in finding homes for specific breeds. AKC can help with that as well and there are other online resources you can use such as Sometimes rescuing an older dog can be very rewarding.

Make a list of everything you want in a dog from size to tempermant and go slowly, making the right choice. Spending time with the canine you are considering is very important. Does he make eye contact and is he responsive to your voice, your touch. Is he relaxed in your presence, or shy and nervous? Can you picture yourself devoting time and energy to training this dog? Every dog, even a mature one, will require lots of attention, patience and strategy when it comes to teaching him what he needs to know about living with you. Likewise you will need to learn a lot about what your dog needs to be a happy companion. Think of it as the start of a beautiful relationship.…

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K-9 Dogs

Perhaps you’ve always been a cat owner, and haven’t seen much need for K-9 dogs. Well, you should consider the many advantages to owning K-9 dogs–you’ll soon find you want to purchase one! From affection and companionship to home protection, K-9 dogs can be your wisest investment yet.

Dogs are so easily trained, that it makes good sense to own them. When is the last time your cat did what you wanted it to? Well K-9 dogs are smart and responsive–and you can even train them to protect your home.

The beauty of this process is that you don’t even have to train your K-9 dogs yourself. You can take them to a certified school and let the experts do the work. Look online and find your local branch of your favorite certified K-9 dogs training school.…

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K-9 Training

Do you ever cop shows, and wish that your dog was half as well trained? K-9 training can be the key to your success–and the best behavior of your dog. But what makes a good, solid K-9 training course?

Don’t Trust K-9 Training that Seems to Easy

Some K-9 training courses will promise to train your dog, without having met him or her first. This is a red flag, showing you that should continue your search. A good K-9 training course will always insist on meet your animal before enrollment.

There is no “quick fix” for K-9 training. In fact, you might have noticed online courses that promise to train your dog by simply giving you a daily manual of things to do. Nothing compares to the feedback you receive when you take your dog to a K-9 training course.

You will want to find a K-9 training facility that can accommodate your dog’s needs. Some K-9 training courses take place on a back lot that is so cramped, the dogs hardly have room to perform. Make sure that your school is in a spacious, green environment that the dogs can enjoy.…

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Joint Problems In Dog

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Joint problems in dogs are one of the most common afflictions that aging animals face. Many factors from both the outside environment and inside the dog’s own body conspire to cause joint disease and arthritis. The resulting pain and loss of mobility endured by these problems lowers the quality of life for dogs, as they start finding it difficult to perform even the most basic maneuvers.

Joint Problems In Dogs Can Be Treated

It is estimated that a quarter of all dogs over the age of five years are affected by arthritis to some degree. For each dog the cause factors are different, but typically the culprits are age, genetic factors such as bone malformation, injury or repetitive motion. What happens at the onset of arthritis is that the cartilage that cushions the bones starts to wear away, and the body cannot adequately replace it. In response, the dog’s body starts to produce joint fluid in excessive amounts, causing swelling and pain at the joints.

Signs of arthritis are stiffness, difficulty getting up from a prone position, reluctance to climb stairs or jump into the car, whimpering when touched or any other signal that the dog is in pain. These symptoms can be treated with painkillers such as steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Another approach is to relieve the pain while treating the problem. Nutrients that rebuild and maintain healthy cartilage can be administered. By helping the dog’s body to heal itself, they can actually slow down and reverse the effects of joint problems in dogs.

There are many interesting possibilities for the treatment of joint problems in dogs. Research has found many substances that work with the dogs own natural healing processes to fight arthritis. In this way, the degenerative nature of this joint disease can be halted or even reversed, giving aging dogs a chance at a happier and healthier life.…

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Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler training is one of the best ways you can prevent dog behavior problems as the dog matures. The Rottweiler breed has a reputation for aggression and destructive behavior, which are avoided with training and socialization. Unfortunately, many irresponsible dog owners fail to take these precautions–dogs are often abandoned or given up to shelters after acting out.

Rottweiler Training Tips
No age is too old to begin dog obedience training, but early training proves most effective. When you begin Rottweiler training, it may be especially helpful to enroll in a dog obedience class. Classes build a strong foundation for home training, teaching you methods that professional dog handlers use. Once you learn some basic techniques, continuing training at home is a snap.

You should complete Rottweiler training in short sessions, so not to become tedious for you or your dog. After finishing obedience class, the home is the best place to continue training, where there are fewer distractions, plus a more familiar environment. Practicing commands throughout the day during normal activities is quite effective.

After your Rottweiler masters several commands in the home, take your pal to other environments for training sessions. Have friends come over as distractions for your dog to practice commands like “sit” and “stay,” even when company is over. Purposely introduced distractions helps dogs stay focused in any situation in the future.…

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