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How To Choose A Dog

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There are many factors to consider as you prepare to choose a dog. Are you ready for the responsibility and can you provide a healthy and safe environment for your new pet? If you are not the only member of the household, what kind of dog would be a good fit? If you have a child with allergies, you might want to be looking for a breed that produces less dander, such as a Maltese or a poodle. You should also consider a breed whose personality integrates well with small children.

Size matters. If you live in a small apartment, a big breed might be too much to handle. If you don’t want to commit to walking a dog, consider a teacup-sized dog that can be trained to do his stuff on a pad. These tiny companions are also easy to travel with, even on airplanes. Be wary of working dog breeds if you cannot provide enough exercise and stimulation. They will get bored and demand more attention than you can afford. Consider energy level as well as size. Do you want a dog who can be easily trained to play frizbee in the park, or go for a run with you through the woods? Or do you want a more sedate canine, such as a basset hound, English bulldog or Yorkshire Terrier, who can get their exercise while playing indoors?

All dogs need a certain amount of maintenance, some more than others. Long hair dogs require more grooming, bathing and brushing. Big dogs are more expensive to feed. There are vet bills to consider as well, including yearly shots to protect against rabies and other diseases. There are pure-bred dogs and mixed-breed dogs, all with different personalities and charms. What kind of dog companion can you imagine yourself happily co-habitating with?

Next there is a question of where to look for your canine friend. It is advisable not to buy one from a pet store, as they tend to ignore how the dogs are bred, and often breeders who supply dogs to stores, have a “puppy mill” mentality, which should not be supported. If you are searching for a pure-bred, go directly to a breeder. You can research breeders online, hopefully close enough to home so you can go and visit the dogs and see what kind of environment they come from. Going to the American Kennel Club’s website,, you can begin your search. Referrals from vets or other pet owners are also valuable.

There are also so many animal shelters with dogs who need good homes. Although you are taking a slight risk, not knowing the precise history of a particular dog, most good shelters are going to make sure you are getting a loving pet. Rescue groups also abound, and there are even organizations that specialize in finding homes for specific breeds. AKC can help with that as well and there are other online resources you can use such as Sometimes rescuing an older dog can be very rewarding.

Make a list of everything you want in a dog from size to tempermant and go slowly, making the right choice. Spending time with the canine you are considering is very important. Does he make eye contact and is he responsive to your voice, your touch. Is he relaxed in your presence, or shy and nervous? Can you picture yourself devoting time and energy to training this dog? Every dog, even a mature one, will require lots of attention, patience and strategy when it comes to teaching him what he needs to know about living with you. Likewise you will need to learn a lot about what your dog needs to be a happy companion. Think of it as the start of a beautiful relationship.…

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Animal Shelter in Warner Robins, GA is in Deep Doo-Doo

I’ve been quite astonished to learn that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent a “cease and desist” letter to my local Warner Robins Animal Shelter. PETA reports that Warner Robins, Cobb County, and Bulloch County are violating a state mandate requiring that gas chambers no longer be used in the euthanasia of homeless animals. The letters were sent on April 5, 2007 by attorney Walter H. Bush specifying that the shelters comply with the 1990 Georgia Law by April 10,2007.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and commissioner, Tommy Irvin, were sued in March, by the very person who implemented the Humane Euthanasia Act in 1990 (former state Rep. Chesley Morton) for authorizing the usage of these gas chambers. Although the courts ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, the Houston Home Journal, has reported that Warner Robins hasn’t taken heed and did not comply by the April 10th deadline. Instead, they are researching their ability to continue under a pre-law exemption. Tsk. Tsk.

I have visited this particular shelter and even understand the unique experiences of those who must work in such an environment, where the endless stream of unwanted or homeless pets continues unfettered, despite the best intentions of “spay or neuter” campaigns and publicized high death statistics. It is truly a dark place and not one for the faint of heart. On the other side of the coin, a thousand yard stare does not constitute a free pass to cast all moral and ethical evolution aside.

I love animals as much as the next person. I may turn a forgetful blind eye to the conspicuous absence of cruelty free product labeling or forget that, while I sleep peacefully in my bed, millions of animals suffer at the hands of their human best friends, but I cannot quite wrap my desensitized brain around the reality that my local animal shelter has been shamelessly operating a gas chamber. What?!

It is not for lack of a better way. Shelters all across the nation practice euthanasia, but we find the little comfort we can in the popular notion that they do not suffer. We find our comfort in the trust that it is being done humanely.

According to PETA, the reality of the gas chamber is an undignified, slow, and sometimes violent death. Meanwhile, Warner Robins City Attorney, Jim Elliot, has announced that the city will continue operating its gas chambers until the state tells them they can’t. To this I say, there is a time to have a stand off and then there is a time to demand accountability- and at least a small measure of human decency.

I can’t help but wonder what will be the response of the good citizens here in the heart of Georgia. Will more of us face down the gray pall and filth of the shelter to adopt and simultaneously rescue a few new friends? Or will we recoil with disgust, in the knowledge of what is happening deep within the walls, and refuse to support the shelter in any way? Finally, what will be the end result for the homeless animals in Warner Robins, Ga.?…

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Flooded Missouri Animal Shelter Needs Your Help!!

As most of you already know, I live in Missouri and recently we have been plagued by a tremendous amount of flooding in our southern counties. There was one story on the news that really touched me and I would love it if my readers would get involved and help this shelter out – they really need us!!

Our rivers and streams rose so fast, it took a lot of people by surprise, and it took one place by storm. The Piedmont Animal Shelter located in Piedmont, MO was hit incredibly hard by the rising waters. They have one animal control officer who is in charge of caring for the pets and making sure they are safe. When the waters started to rise, she didn’t think the flooding was that bad on the inside, but when she went in, water was flowing fast and faster into the little building.

She quickly gathered up all the carriers she could find and started putting the animals inside them. She took them to her house to keep them safe and she took as many as she possibly could. She thought the other animals would be safe until she was able to return in the morning. When she went back in the morning, she found 8 puppies had drowned and the inside of the shelter was a complete disaster.

Can you even imagine how bad she felt when she walked inside? She took as many as she could, but she was thinking if she could have only grabbed just a few more, just that group of puppies…..but the “what if’s, and “I should have’s…” will drive you crazy. In total around 5 feet of water flooded the shelter and they lost everything in the flood.

For right now, the other animals rescued from the flooded shelter are housed at other local animal shelters and humane societies. They will remain there until adoptive homes can be found for them. Right now, the shelter desperately needs donations to help them rebuild. They lost absolutely everything and it is our duty as responsible, compassionate human beings to help them get back on their feet! I am asking you to visit my donate page and make a donation – EVERY PENNY OF WHAT COMES IN FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PIEDMONT ANIMAL SHELTER. 100% WILL BE DONATED!!

Please show me your caring and your compassion, let me help give back to this community devastated by the floods. I know each and every one of you has a great heart – send me your donations and with your help, we can get this shelter up and running again!! Please pass this post along to all your friends -let’s see how much we can raise for them!!…

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K-9 Dogs

Perhaps you’ve always been a cat owner, and haven’t seen much need for K-9 dogs. Well, you should consider the many advantages to owning K-9 dogs–you’ll soon find you want to purchase one! From affection and companionship to home protection, K-9 dogs can be your wisest investment yet.

Dogs are so easily trained, that it makes good sense to own them. When is the last time your cat did what you wanted it to? Well K-9 dogs are smart and responsive–and you can even train them to protect your home.

The beauty of this process is that you don’t even have to train your K-9 dogs yourself. You can take them to a certified school and let the experts do the work. Look online and find your local branch of your favorite certified K-9 dogs training school.…

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K-9 Training

Do you ever cop shows, and wish that your dog was half as well trained? K-9 training can be the key to your success–and the best behavior of your dog. But what makes a good, solid K-9 training course?

Don’t Trust K-9 Training that Seems to Easy

Some K-9 training courses will promise to train your dog, without having met him or her first. This is a red flag, showing you that should continue your search. A good K-9 training course will always insist on meet your animal before enrollment.

There is no “quick fix” for K-9 training. In fact, you might have noticed online courses that promise to train your dog by simply giving you a daily manual of things to do. Nothing compares to the feedback you receive when you take your dog to a K-9 training course.

You will want to find a K-9 training facility that can accommodate your dog’s needs. Some K-9 training courses take place on a back lot that is so cramped, the dogs hardly have room to perform. Make sure that your school is in a spacious, green environment that the dogs can enjoy.…

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Joint Problems In Dog

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Joint problems in dogs are one of the most common afflictions that aging animals face. Many factors from both the outside environment and inside the dog’s own body conspire to cause joint disease and arthritis. The resulting pain and loss of mobility endured by these problems lowers the quality of life for dogs, as they start finding it difficult to perform even the most basic maneuvers.

Joint Problems In Dogs Can Be Treated

It is estimated that a quarter of all dogs over the age of five years are affected by arthritis to some degree. For each dog the cause factors are different, but typically the culprits are age, genetic factors such as bone malformation, injury or repetitive motion. What happens at the onset of arthritis is that the cartilage that cushions the bones starts to wear away, and the body cannot adequately replace it. In response, the dog’s body starts to produce joint fluid in excessive amounts, causing swelling and pain at the joints.

Signs of arthritis are stiffness, difficulty getting up from a prone position, reluctance to climb stairs or jump into the car, whimpering when touched or any other signal that the dog is in pain. These symptoms can be treated with painkillers such as steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Another approach is to relieve the pain while treating the problem. Nutrients that rebuild and maintain healthy cartilage can be administered. By helping the dog’s body to heal itself, they can actually slow down and reverse the effects of joint problems in dogs.

There are many interesting possibilities for the treatment of joint problems in dogs. Research has found many substances that work with the dogs own natural healing processes to fight arthritis. In this way, the degenerative nature of this joint disease can be halted or even reversed, giving aging dogs a chance at a happier and healthier life.…

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Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler training is one of the best ways you can prevent dog behavior problems as the dog matures. The Rottweiler breed has a reputation for aggression and destructive behavior, which are avoided with training and socialization. Unfortunately, many irresponsible dog owners fail to take these precautions–dogs are often abandoned or given up to shelters after acting out.

Rottweiler Training Tips
No age is too old to begin dog obedience training, but early training proves most effective. When you begin Rottweiler training, it may be especially helpful to enroll in a dog obedience class. Classes build a strong foundation for home training, teaching you methods that professional dog handlers use. Once you learn some basic techniques, continuing training at home is a snap.

You should complete Rottweiler training in short sessions, so not to become tedious for you or your dog. After finishing obedience class, the home is the best place to continue training, where there are fewer distractions, plus a more familiar environment. Practicing commands throughout the day during normal activities is quite effective.

After your Rottweiler masters several commands in the home, take your pal to other environments for training sessions. Have friends come over as distractions for your dog to practice commands like “sit” and “stay,” even when company is over. Purposely introduced distractions helps dogs stay focused in any situation in the future.…

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Puppy Behavior Problems

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When you encounter puppy behavior problems, you may want to take a look and see that you are making the correct moves. If you are doing anything to confuse or scare your puppy, he will not react and learn the way you want him to. Never harshly scold or hit your puppy when they do something wrong. They are always in the learning stage and could become scared.

Puppy behavior problems can occur if you hit your puppy. A few things can happen as a result of this. She could become afraid of hands and retreat every time a hand comes near. She could become scared of you altogether and not approach you in any manner. She could also become quite defensive and bite back. Alternatively, she could think you are up for more playing and will continue to nip and be excited.

Fixing Puppy Behavior Problems

Many owners find that the chewing that their dogs do around the house can be annoying and damaging. However, this is in a dog’s nature. A dog does not destroy things because he is mad. He will chew to relieve stress or out of boredom. Generally, right before the owner returns home, a dog will get anxious. If you come home at a specific time every day and you are late one day, your dog will get upset and start chewing.…

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Animal Rescue Shelters : Moles Operating in Animal Rescue Shelters

It is unfortunate in this day and age that we still require “moles” in animal rescue shelters. In many towns around the globe you can pay for the privilage of watching two Pit Bull Terriers ripping each other apart, blood splattered walls, confined within a makeshift pen so that the onlookers, each who has paid an entry fee and each who can bet on each individual fight, can witness a kill and cheer the dogs on.

These dogs are especially bred for fighting and their lives revolve around death. Those who so survive often carry war-wounds to their faces, legs, ears and it is only until a stronger Pit Bull comes along and wins it’s place.

Many raids across the county, mostly after months of culmination by expert investigators, must endure the harsh reality of this dreadful bloodsport. These “moles” operate in secret and collect fragments of intelligence required to trap and prosecute those guilty of mistreating animals. Many of these blood-sport games are found due to “tip-offs” by the public who find this brutal sport unwarranted.

The mistreatment of animals does not just stop here. Many animals are ferried illegally into our country with a very high rate of mortality. Bird smugglers operate between many continents supplying African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Gahlas and some are even airmiled in little cardboard tubes where they suffocate.

Unfortunately, the list of cruelty to animals could go on-and-on. I truly admire how these remarkable “moles” work undercover to uproot this evil pasttime. These people are highly necessary for surveillence and arrest of unjust people. They are, in some areas, issued with nightvision binoculars and readily give up their time on their crusade against animal cruelty.

The best information comes from informers and this is why I urge anyone who suspects animal cruelty to contact their local Police or Animal Welfare Shelter. Just take a moment to think of those poor Pit Buill Terriers and the lives they have to lead, the image sends shudders down my spine. Please help your local rescue representative to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to our animals. It does not matter how young or old our are, all it takes is courage.…

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Trained Dogs Online

Have you ever wondered if you could find trained dogs online? Well, the answer is “most definitely, yes!” In fact, looking online is one of the best places to find fully trained dogs for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a dog trained intricately in the Schutzhund method, or simply looking for an obedient pup, you can find trained dogs online easily. These dogs have been trained since youth by professionals. They come to you already trained, and ready to learn even more.

Finding Trained Dogs Online

Don’t bother using search engines to find trained dogs online. These only give you responses that are relevant–and not necessarily the most certified or reputable sources. Trust recommendations from others–this means the vendor has satisfied many customers before you.

Make sure you check out the certifications and credentials of the dog trainer you use. If you are buying trained dogs online, make sure the breeder you use is equally reputable. You may want to consult with a breeder or trainer before you make decisions, to find out which option is best for you.…

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