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Animal Rescue Shelters : Moles Operating in Animal Rescue Shelters

It is unfortunate in this day and age that we still require “moles” in animal rescue shelters. In many towns around the globe you can pay for the privilage of watching two Pit Bull Terriers ripping each other apart, blood splattered walls, confined within a makeshift pen so that the onlookers, each who has paid an entry fee and each who can bet on each individual fight, can witness a kill and cheer the dogs on.

These dogs are especially bred for fighting and their lives revolve around death. Those who so survive often carry war-wounds to their faces, legs, ears and it is only until a stronger Pit Bull comes along and wins it’s place.

Many raids across the county, mostly after months of culmination by expert investigators, must endure the harsh reality of this dreadful bloodsport. These “moles” operate in secret and collect fragments of intelligence required to trap and prosecute those guilty of mistreating animals. Many of these blood-sport games are found due to “tip-offs” by the public who find this brutal sport unwarranted.

The mistreatment of animals does not just stop here. Many animals are ferried illegally into our country with a very high rate of mortality. Bird smugglers operate between many continents supplying African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Gahlas and some are even airmiled in little cardboard tubes where they suffocate.

Unfortunately, the list of cruelty to animals could go on-and-on. I truly admire how these remarkable “moles” work undercover to uproot this evil pasttime. These people are highly necessary for surveillence and arrest of unjust people. They are, in some areas, issued with nightvision binoculars and readily give up their time on their crusade against animal cruelty.

The best information comes from informers and this is why I urge anyone who suspects animal cruelty to contact their local Police or Animal Welfare Shelter. Just take a moment to think of those poor Pit Buill Terriers and the lives they have to lead, the image sends shudders down my spine. Please help your local rescue representative to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to our animals. It does not matter how young or old our are, all it takes is courage.