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A Great Safe Dog Park for You and Your Dogs in Southern California

If you’re like me you would agree that it’s nice every once in a while to let your dog off leash and run and play. Of course it’s not always safe and it’s usually not legal. However, there is a great dog park located in the city of Orange that allows you to do just that. Orange is a nice community nestled in the heart of southern California. It is located at Yorba Park at 190 South Yorba near the 55 freeway and Chapman Avenue.

This is a great location to take your dogs. It’s well maintained, kept very clean and is a safe environment to take your dogs off the 10 Foot Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Leash. The dog park is separated into two sections, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. It is open from 7 :00 a.m. until dusk everyday except Wednesdays when they close for maintenance and there is no charge. They do accept donations to help keep the park running if you would like to help.

I have two Basset Hounds and have taken them there several times and they love it! I happen to live in a small town home and have a very small backyard so my dogs don’t have a lot of room to run and play. I was telling my veterinarian one day that I was worried that my dogs weren’t getting the proper exercise that they needed and she was the one who recommended the dog park to me. The dog park is perfect because it gives them the opportunity to run off leash and get the exercise that they need. It’s also fun for me because I get to play with other people’s dogs as well.

There are water bowls and plenty of toys that people have donated for the dogs to use when they are there. There are also disposal bags and trash bins available so you can clean up after your dog to help keep the park clean. The small dog side is usually full of toy size dogs and puppies whereas the larger dog side has everything from my Basset Hounds to St. Bernards. There is a large variety of dogs that go so its fun to be in that environment. The weekends are really exciting because there are a lot more people and dogs there to spend time with. So the next time your looking for a fun and safe place to take your dogs remember the dog park in Orange. You will be pleasantly surprised.