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Pet Grooming Services

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The pet grooming services that you can expect to provide vary a little bit from breed to breed. In general, when a client brings their dog in to be groomed, they will expect he or she to be brushed, bathed, have the undercoat removed, a cut or clip, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a blow dry. If you do not plan on offering any of these typically standard services, you need to inform your customer ahead of time.

The different services that you will need to know about different breeds should be covered in the training program you go through. I recommend making a “cheat sheet” for yourself, with these differences listed according to breed. That way, when a client brings a new dog in, you only have to look at your cheat sheet to be ready rather than fumbling through textbooks or manuals.


Special Pet Grooming Services

Special pet grooming services you may offer will mostly have to do with hygiene. These services may include de-matting or external parasite treatments. Clients may ask you for these if they need them. Rather than making your clients ask, I recommend creating a flier that outlines all services you are willing to provide or are capable of providing, as well as a pricing guide.

Depending on where you live, you may come across customers who will need de-skunking. While very uncommon in the city, if you plan to practice in a more rural area, expect to be asked about this. Whether you decide to include this in your pet grooming services or not, make the decision ahead of time.…

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