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Flooded Missouri Animal Shelter Needs Your Help!!

As most of you already know, I live in Missouri and recently we have been plagued by a tremendous amount of flooding in our southern counties. There was one story on the news that really touched me and I would love it if my readers would get involved and help this shelter out – they really need us!!

Our rivers and streams rose so fast, it took a lot of people by surprise, and it took one place by storm. The Piedmont Animal Shelter located in Piedmont, MO was hit incredibly hard by the rising waters. They have one animal control officer who is in charge of caring for the pets and making sure they are safe. When the waters started to rise, she didn’t think the flooding was that bad on the inside, but when she went in, water was flowing fast and faster into the little building.

She quickly gathered up all the carriers she could find and started putting the animals inside them. She took them to her house to keep them safe and she took as many as she possibly could. She thought the other animals would be safe until she was able to return in the morning. When she went back in the morning, she found 8 puppies had drowned and the inside of the shelter was a complete disaster.

Can you even imagine how bad she felt when she walked inside? She took as many as she could, but she was thinking if she could have only grabbed just a few more, just that group of puppies…..but the “what if’s, and “I should have’s…” will drive you crazy. In total around 5 feet of water flooded the shelter and they lost everything in the flood.

For right now, the other animals rescued from the flooded shelter are housed at other local animal shelters and humane societies. They will remain there until adoptive homes can be found for them. Right now, the shelter desperately needs donations to help them rebuild. They lost absolutely everything and it is our duty as responsible, compassionate human beings to help them get back on their feet! I am asking you to visit my donate page and make a donation – EVERY PENNY OF WHAT COMES IN FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PIEDMONT ANIMAL SHELTER. 100% WILL BE DONATED!!

Please show me your caring and your compassion, let me help give back to this community devastated by the floods. I know each and every one of you has a great heart – send me your donations and with your help, we can get this shelter up and running again!! Please pass this post along to all your friends -let’s see how much we can raise for them!!…

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