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Puppy Behavior Problems

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When you encounter puppy behavior problems, you may want to take a look and see that you are making the correct moves. If you are doing anything to confuse or scare your puppy, he will not react and learn the way you want him to. Never harshly scold or hit your puppy when they do something wrong. They are always in the learning stage and could become scared.

Puppy behavior problems can occur if you hit your puppy. A few things can happen as a result of this. She could become afraid of hands and retreat every time a hand comes near. She could become scared of you altogether and not approach you in any manner. She could also become quite defensive and bite back. Alternatively, she could think you are up for more playing and will continue to nip and be excited.

Fixing Puppy Behavior Problems

Many owners find that the chewing that their dogs do around the house can be annoying and damaging. However, this is in a dog’s nature. A dog does not destroy things because he is mad. He will chew to relieve stress or out of boredom. Generally, right before the owner returns home, a dog will get anxious. If you come home at a specific time every day and you are late one day, your dog will get upset and start chewing.…

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