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Pink Dog Sweaters

Pink dog sweaters are the ultimate in girlish luxury. What could proclaim more loudly that the wearer is a girly-girl, a lady who lunches, a pampered princess? Abby has several customers who dress their dogs all in pink, all the time, and pink dog sweaters are the highlight of these wardrobes.

No wardrobe of dog apparel clothing for your favorite girl is complete without something pink. Dog fashions should reflect current trends in clothing for people, and nothing is hotter right now than pink. Pink is the epitome of cute, of adorable, the color of choice for fashion-savvy women who know how to play up the advantages of being a girl!


Why Pink Dog Sweaters Are Popular

The current popularity of pink was a long time in coming. During the 90s, the grunge movement affected fashion, causing a backlash against fashions and colors labeled “cute,” “pretty,” or “girly.” The trend was for minimalist, industrial fashion.

But as minimalism burned itself out, a resurgence of luxury and pretty, feminine clothes swept across the fashion world. This trend has become so established that it can hardly be labeled a trend anymore; for several years, pink has been the “new black,” the go-anywhere, with-anything color of choice. Pink is not only a symbol of femininity, it is also a color of hope and positive attitude, which is why it continues to be popular today.…

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